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Voice your choice.

Crafting exceptional travel experiences is what we do. Based on input from travelers just like you, one of our four travel destinations — Greece, Hungary, Ireland, or the Canadian Rockies — will ultimately be chosen as the location of the next Geeks Outbound crowd-sourced tour.

By completing the form below, you’ll cast a vote for one of the four travel destination. Then, you’ll share your insights to help us design the ultimate tour to that destination. Let us know the places you’d like to see, the experiences you’d like to have, the foods you’d like to eat, and the activities in which you’d like to participate. We’ll incorporate the groups’ recommendations and suggestions into the chosen tour’s itinerary.

Ready? Scroll down and get started. If you wish, you can save your responses and return later to complete and submit the survey. When you save the survey, you’ll receive an email with a link that returns you to this page and displays your saved responses.

When you’ve completed the survey, hit submit! We’ll send you an email with a record of all your responses. By completing the survey, you’re authorizing Geek Nation Tours to contact you about the progress of the voting, to share the final results, and to invite you to participate in the winning tour. You can unsubscribe at any time using the link in the emails we send.



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