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Geeks Outbound Presents: Day of the Dead & Huatulco 2024

Tour Status: NOW BOOKING
Destination(s): Oaxaca & Huatulco
Departure Date: October 29, 2024 (Tuesday)
Return Date: November 9, 2024 (Saturday)
Tour Length: 12 Days
Departs From: Anywhere
Tour Limit: 20 Participants

About the Tour

Hello explorers of the Dead!  This tour is not yet priced, but is now open for Pre-Registration… If you are interested in receiving more information when we release the tour with pricing please use the booking tab to secure a spot or email

Join us as Geek Nation Tours explores the Day of the Dead commemoration in Oaxaca City. We will take in all three days of Día de los Muertos, getting an indepth experience of its vibrancy and cultural importance. But we will also have plenty of time to take in the other sites around this beautiful city as it comes alive for locals and international visitors alike.

Note that many of the festival’s most important moments happen at night – so you will have to make sure you have your “Night Owl” groove on… We will let you sleep in for most of the day however, so you should be able to keep up with the locals. All the while, we will keep the local commemorators in mind and respectfully follow their wishes in all things.

While in Oaxaca we will be staying in the charming and colorful neighborhood of Jalatlaco right were many of the evening parades take place. We will walk the neighborhood and experience the sights and sounds of the festival as well as the smell of cooking in the mingling with the cempasuchil flowers.

GNT thought that we might as well take a beach in or two while we are in Mexico and thus we have decided to dive into an All Inclusive – The DREAMS Huatulco!  You will be able to take in all that is this magnificent property and put your feet up and enjoy being pampered for a while…But what is a Geek Nation Tours tour without a bit of Geek!  We have invited the crew from Mythicos Studios to join us on this tour… They will not only give us a gamers perspective of some of the myths we might encounter, but also run a small tournament and painting classes when we settle in at our All Inclusive.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Oaxaca Mexico (Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2024) / Arrival Day!
Temple built on ancient Mitla ruin outside Oaxaca

Today we will arrive from all around the world into Oaxaca! Once you have settled into the hotel you are free take your time to wander around the Jalatlaco neighbourhood. Here you will find a community getting ready for a festival. Take in local street art and murals – who knows – you might even see an artist at work… The markets will already be full of freshly cut flowers and the bakeries full of Pan de Muerto…

The energy will already be apparent – so be sure to wander at length – but make sure you make your way back to the hotel as we will gather for our Welcome Dinner. Here you will meet the rest of the adventurers and dine while we discuss the coming days in detail.

Day 2 - Oaxaca Mexico (Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2024) / Mitla - Place of the Dead
Temple built on ancient Mitla ruin outside Oaxaca
Celebration of the Day of the Dead in a Mexican cemetery.

Today we will make the journey to the sacred city of the dead – Mitla. This Zapotec archaeological site is extraordinarily well preserved due to its location in the dry Oaxacan valley. Most importantly we will stop at the mosaics on the outer and inner walls depicting much Zapotec history and spirituality. The city’s name literally means “Place of the Dead”, “Underworld” or “Place of Rest” and here we will learn about the rituals, and the spiritual significance, of those ancient people and how they are carried forward into the modern day.

The discussion at Mitla however, will have practical applications as we will make our way to a local home in order to help with the creation of an Altar of the Dead. Our first stop with this goal will be to a local market to purchase (and learn about the significance of) flowers, bread, incense, fruit and the many other elements needed for a traditional altar.

We will also visit a traditional bakery where we will learn about the cooking process and why the bread is painted…. You’ll even be able to paint some Pan de Muertos bread yourself.

Via these two experiences we will better understand how the living connect with the dead over the following days…

But our first excursion would not be the same without stopping to experience traditional Oaxacan chocolate…

Day 3 - Oaxaca Mexico (Thursday, Oct. 31, 2024) / Monte Alban and Día de los Inocentes
Slow burning wax candles in church as a symbol of death memory. Dark macro close composition with shallow depth of field.
Monte Alban archaeological site, Oaxaca, Mexico

Today we will discover the first official day of celebrations called Día de los Inocentes, or Day of the Innocents which is dedicated to remembering children that have passed way. It’s believed that spirits of the angelitos (little angels) return at midnight on this day.

We will start off the day in the afternoon and head off to the Monte Alban Archaeological Site. This UNESCO World Heritage site functioned as the Zapotec capital between 500 BCE and 800 CE.  The architectural remains include terraces, pyramids and canals – all built surrounding the Great Plaza.  Here we will learn more about the history of the Zapotec while surrounded by the splendor of the remains of that civilization.

From here we will be off to the famous Xoxocotlán Cemetery and should arrive near dusk.  This will allow us to see Xoxo in all its glory – candles lit and flowers glowing. Afterwards, we will dine with the locals via street tacos and the like.  We will take our time here visiting the Tapetes or Sand Rugs along the Calle Coquiza which leads form the cemetery to the church. We will also keep an ear out too and join in any local parades that music might call us to.

A quick note here on our visits to the local Pantheon – or cemeteries – everyone is expected to be on their best behavior as we navigate with our local guide amongst those remembering their dead. That said, even before our arrival our guide will be scouting the most important locations. So, throughout the tour we may also visit Atzompa Cemetery, Xochimilco Cemetery, San Felipe Cemetery or the Oaxaca General Pantheon.

Day 4 - Oaxaca Mexico (Friday, Nov. 1, 2024) / Día de los Muertos, Mescal & Parades
Day of the Dead
Monte Alban archaeological site, Oaxaca, Mexico

This day – Día de los Muertos – welcomes the spirits of all adults that have passed away and is know for a full day of action and the most festive of the commemoration.

But first – Mescal! We will start our day (well into the afternoon btw) with a visit to a traditional mescal distillery. We will be tempted with a detailed tasting, and we will most likely bring a bottle or two home with us. It might, however, be a good idea to get something in our stomachs so we will stop at a local Oaxacan buffet for a traditional mole or two… These sauces are sure to delight!

Upon our return we will take part in a Day of the Dead parade as Oaxaca jumps into overdrive this evening. The local Comparsa will be a sight to see as the street come alive with celebration. It will be loud and full of the smell of food and flowers. All in the hopes to call the dead home to see them once more.

If we have time, and the energy we might also head out to another local celebration – the Etla Muerteada… The flashing of mirrors and the music in the streets will be sure to have you dancing as the bands move throughout the community.

Day 5 - Oaxaca Mexico (Saturday, Nov. 2, 2024) / Day of the Dead Day 2, the neighborhoods of Jalatlaco and Xochimilco & a cemetery or two
Boy hitting piñata during a day of the death celebration

Today will see us spend the full day in Oaxaca – visiting multiple neighborhoods and perhaps a cemetery or two that we have previously overlooked. The day will be full with activities and while more may spring up our plans currently include any further parades, comparsa or other celebrations that we might be lured to via music, the smell of cooking or the voices held in celebration.

We will have some local youth join us to paint our faces, explore a local museum, head off to the Jalatlaco and Xochimilco neighborhoods, grab some street food, and participate in any other events that spring up.

Of course, there will be an abundance of altars to see, as well as streets decorated with sand paintings and murals… We might see the Catholic Basilica of Nuestra Señora de Soledad, the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, another market or two… The day will be alive with choice!

Day 6 - Oaxaca Mexico (Sunday, Nov. 3, 2024) / Tlacolula market & Tule Tree
Colourful Skulls at Street Market, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Day of Dead Concept
Arbol del Tule, a giant sacred tree in Tule, Mexico

This day we will visit one of the oldest markets in the city of Oaxaca – Tlacolula market.  We will wander the stalls and stroll past the various vendors – experiencing a market post Day of the Dead… We are sure that the food will tempt you but keep in mind that we will be headed to a local and traditional restaurant were the menu changes weekly and the mole is hand made. As a matter of fact, you will be given a taste of 8 different moles, paired with a shot of mescal, fruit water or chocolate…

On our return trip to Oaxaca, we will stop at the world-famous Tule Tree. This Montezuma Cypress is considered the stoutest tree in the world and was once considered a group of trees until DNA testing concluded otherwise. Its age, however, is up to debate but it is thought to be about 1600 years old. The Zapotec people believe that it was planted by an Aztec priest of the wind god – Ehecatl.

You’ll have some free time when we return to Oaxaca, but at night we will celebrate the end of our Oaxacan adventure with a group dinner.

Day 7 - Huatulco Mexico (Monday, Nov. 4, 2024) / A Journey to Huatulco
Cacaluta beach in Huatulko, Oaxaca, Mexico

Today we will take a coach through the beautiful Sierra Madre de Oaxaca – allowing us views of misty mountains and forests half obscured by the fog and clouds below. We will take the new highway which winds in and out of stunning views of the valleys below.

Regardless, our journey will be worth it as it will bring us to Huatluco and our 4 star all inclusive resort – The DREAMS Huatulco! You will have your run of the Casa here… Virtually everything is covered for you. Eat and drink to your delight and enjoy one of the premier All Inclusives in the area…

Overnight Location: DREAMS Huatulco

Day 8 - Huatulco Mexico (Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2024) / A Day at the Beach and Maybe some Hobbying...

Today we will take our first day to explore and enjoy the DREAMS Huatulco and all it offers. It will be an amazing day to recover from our journey from Oaxaca. As the heat starts to grow we will escape the sun to find some air conditioning and some paint brushes. For those that would like to join us, the Mythicos Studios crew will provide pointers and help with how best to paint their minis.

Tonight, you can dine in town or at the resort. Later though, we will pick a spot to grab a drink or two in order to visit and catch up on what everyone has been up to.

Day 9 - Huatulco Mexico (Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2024) / Beach Day and a bit of Gaming
Head is swimming on dance floor

Yet another day to enjoy our beautiful resort.  Take in the sun, enjoy a message, or go for a swim… DREAMS Huatulco offers all one could ask for in a ocean resort. For those wanting to get a bit of dice rolling in however, we will meet at 10 am and game throughout the day – and dig into . The crew at Mythicos Studios will be taking over the reins here and we will be able to Dinner again will be at the resort or in La Crucecita or Santa Cruz and we will again meet for drinks in the evening.

Who knows perhaps we will make the quick trip into town to do a little dancing at La Papaya…

Day 10 - Huatulco Mexico (Thursday, Nov. 7, 2024) / 7 Bays, a Boat and loads of Beaches
The Rise of the Giant

Today we will gather together and head off to a local marina. There we will board a boat for our day at sea. We will explore the 7 bays of Huatulco, swim, snorkel, look for sea life of all types – perhaps a luck sighting of a turtle or whale – and enjoy lunch at the beautiful bay of San Agustin.

It will be a full day affair and by the time you are returned to the hotel in the late afternoon a little siesta may well be in order. Dine as you will and then join us for yet another evening of mingling and perhaps a bit of dancing in the hotels club…

Day 11 - Huatulco Mexico (Friday, Nov. 8, 2024) / A Day to Relax ... as you see fit
Huatulco beach with footprints

Today is your last day in paradise, so spend it as you will… The beach will call to some, others will want to explore the nearby ruins or to shop in town…

We will gather one last time for drinks and a farewell toast or two to bring our adventure to a close.

Day 12 - Huatulco Mexico (Saturday, Nov. 9, 2024) / Homeward Bound
Tangolunda Bay Sunrise, Huatulco, Mexico

We will head off to the Hualtulco airport by taxi and return home. The memories and laughter will still – we are sure – be still remembered for a lifetime.

Tour Notes

NOTE: Attendance of special guests and celebrities is subject to change due to scheduling conflicts and conflicting professional or personal obligations.

NOTE: COVID-19 has changed both our geek and our real worlds. Some things may never be the same and others may not be able to be offered on our tours or will have to be altered in a new post Covid world. With that said, please understand that GNT is moving forward as if the disease is already conquered, but all tours are now subject to change.

NOTE: We live in a dynamic and ever changing world. Some stops may have to change due to conditions in destination.

NOTE:  Excursions and destinations may change up until the final itinerary is released. GNT will attempt to secure them as we move forward, but please expect some modifications.

What’s Included

All accommodations, all transfers excluding transfers to and from airports, private tour costs, some breakfasts, some lunches and most dinners including “Welcome Dinner”. Most Day of the Dead events, Museum entrance fees… Dreams Huatulco All-Inclusive package while in Huatulco.

What’s Not Included

Some small transfers and entrance fees will need to be paid for locally – including transfers to and from the airport. International air is not included. Some lunches and dinners as per above


Don’t have a friend to get the double occupancy rate? That is what Geek Nation Tours does.  Book as a double occupancy and we will match you up a roommate… This way you get the best of both worlds – someone to BS about the con with – and more cash to spend!

Covid Pricing note: As we move into the post-Covid era there may well be price adjustments as we move forward. It has been postulated that the tourism industry as a whole will see many price increases. While GNT strives to give the best price along with the best service and experience, we may be forced to increase tour pricing in the future.

Inflation Note: As prices continue to rise GNT will have to adjust some tours. Unfortuately, everything has gone up recently and thus tour prices will continue to do so in this time of runaway and unexpected levels of inflation.

Non-Geek Spouse Argument

Day of the Dead! Beaches! An All Inclusive!? This tour was designed for couples…. It only has the tiniest bit of Geek in it…  Need I say  more?

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